1. Start with a couples intensive or bootcamp

Once you sign up for either the Bootcamp or the Couples Intensive we can look at our calendars and set up appointments based on our mutual availability. I am normally booked out 4-6 weeks but can get people in on cancellations. You can book out further to secure the dates and times that suit you best. When you have your 14 hour intensive experience your work will be expedited.

I offer a two-day Essential Relationship Skills Bootcamp Workshop for individuals or couples seeking to improve their relationships and interaction skills. My bootcamp is an educational group that offers a less intense learning environment than traditional therapy. It's also more affordable and less time-consuming. Couples can learn about winning strategies and break negative relationship cycles. Read more about it here

My couples intensive is a personalized program for individuals or couples. It helps them improve their relationships and interaction skills. I use exercises like experiential therapy and psychodrama to heal past injuries and create new patterns. Couples can experience a relaxed, conversational environment with opportunities to practice new skills together. Read more about it here

2. Dig in to couples therapy

Once you’ve signed up for an intensive or bootcamp, I offer relaxed, conversational therapy sessions to help clients identify patterns and set goals for positive change in their relationship. Homework assignments and strategies discussed in the sessions will help clients continue to make progress in their relationship and personal growth. I provide guidance and feedback to clients in their exploration of relational patterns and dynamics.

3. Practice Together

After this work, you can take what you've learned and use it to practice relational skills in your daily lives. By consistently practicing these skills, you can create new neural pathways in your brain that become more and more automatic over time. This can help you to respond differently to situations that may have caused conflict in the past, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

4. Therapy tuneups

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